Undercounter Ice Maker – Convenient and Less Space

Undercounter Ice Maker – Convenient and Less Space

Undercounter ice maker machines have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past because of need of savings of space and convenience for customers such as institutions, restaurants and bars. These machines are available in various sizes and capacities and other features. You should review that various brands and models in the market and then choose the one that suits your needs.

Undercounter Ice Maker

If space is an issue of concern in your premises or residence, you should acquire under-counter ice maker. Most of the modern business settings have limited space. For example, in most of the bar configurations, cocktail stations and coolers take most of the space in the room.

The machine is recommended as auxiliary ice source in situations where the location of the main ice maker is such that transportation is not convenient. What should be kept in mind is that under-cpimter machine has small ice yield and should therefore not be used as the main ice source for high volume bar or restaurant. This notwithstanding, this ice maker will eliminate the need of moving the ice from one area or place to the other.

The installation of under counter ice maker is very easy. In general, all the ice makers need floor drain, portable supply of water, and electricity to function. However, some of the small-sized under counter ice making machines may work without floor drain. Before you purchase, you are advised to carefully read the manufacturer’s guidelines so that you can understand how to operate, clean or install your particular brand or model of undercounter ice machine.

Generally, all the under counter ice making machines are designed with cord and plug. Most of them are energy saving; the rate of energy consumption varies from one brand or model to the other. The large size commercial ice making machines need clearance from the maker’s right and left sides so as to effectively cycle the air.

The main difference of the undercounter version from the other types such as over the counter ice makers is that they have front air discharge system. This design features allows the required breathing for cycling the refrigeration to remain at the unit’s front. The elimination of the need of right and left side clearance implies that the undercounter ice maker can fit in to those places where there is limited space.

Just like the large-sized modular units, under counter ice machines are available in various ice cube shapes. There are great variations in this aspect depending on the manufacturer. Most bar averages work well with any shape of cube. The fountain drinks are generally more enjoyable when nugget ice is used. There are no clear set rules with regard to the ice shape that is required for particular application.

You should always keep in mind that ice is food. You should ensure that you maintaining high degrees of hygiene when handling it. You should also ensure that you regularly clean the best undercounter ice maker machine. To produce best tasting ice you should clean the ice maker before you use if for the first time. Also ensure that you change the filters after every six months.