How to Clean a Toilet

Even though we all use them every day, talking about how to clean a toilet is not necessarily something that comes up in casual conversation!

how to clean toilet

But judging by the number of times that phrase is searched for on the net each month, it is information that a lot of people are looking for.

But before you get started, make sure that the bathroom is adequately ventilated.

You are going to be using cleaning products that contain chemicals, and even if they are non-toxic, it is probably not a good idea to inhale them!

So, open a window.

If you wait until the bathroom is relatively dry, for example not straight after you have had a shower, you can run around the hard surfaces in the room (including the durable composting toilet cistern and the top of the seat) with a duster or a dry cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust on the surfaces.

Once you introduce liquids to the surfaces these previously dry dirt particles become harder to remove.

It is also a good idea to put on rubber gloves, for the same reason that you opened the window!

How to Clean a Toilet – Step by Step Instructions

Lift the lid on the toilet seat and flush the toilet to wet the sides of the bowl.

Each toilet cleaner manufacturer will provide instructions on how to use their particular product but basically what you need to do with all of them is to apply a generous amount of powder or liquid toilet cleaner you are using coating it along the sides and under the rim.

Now it needs to stand for a while to work it’s magic, so close the lid and turn your attention to the outer surfaces of the toilet.

Using a surface cleaner or disinfectant, wipe down all of the hard surfaces on the exterior of the toilet including both sides of the seat and the lid, the cistern or tank and the outside of the toilet bowl.

By now your toilet bowl should be ready for a good scrub.

Using a good quality toilet brush, scrub all around the interior of the bowl including the area just below the rim and down below the water line.

Flush the toilet to wash out the bowl.

If the bowl is still stained, re-apply the toilet cleaner to the inside of the bowl and re-scrub.

Don’t forget to allow any disinfectant you used on the external surfaces to dry before using you use the toilet.